Specializes in

manufacturing of high precision injection molds using the latest technology machines installed in a controlled environment
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TGPEL is world renowned for the production of injection molded components of the highest quality and precision at competitive price. From concept to completion, we provide all of the necessary resources promptly and accurately to complete your project


Our Design Department employs highly skilled Engineers capable of using the most advanced modelling software. Our NX CAD/CAM (formely Unigraphics) software

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Our tooling department is considered by most of our customers to be the best source for manufacturing precision plastic injection moulds.

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Controlling the molding process is the most critical factor in the overall scope of providing world-class precision plastic products. This is accomplished at TGPEL by..

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Plastic components and assemblies are given to the quality department to ensure dimensional accuracy. Every packaging of components is checked by

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Internationally competitive products with respect to quality, cost, lead time and reliability.

Markets We Serve

We supply high quality products to a wide range of industries, including automotive, electrical, industrial, medical and others. We offer our customers a single source solution to all of their manufacturing needs, including engineering, design, tooling, production, assembly, and logistics.


TGPEL specializes in the manufacturing of High precision plastic Injection moulded components for electrical Industry.

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We understand your needs, precision, performance and a high level of quality. We deliver on all your demands.

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At TGPEL, we offer best-in-class injection moulding services for the automotive industry.

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TGPEL has experience and capability in manufacturing components for medical industry.

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We Are Different ..

We know that satisfied customers are our best marketers. So, at TGPEL we believe in providing products of the highest quality to ensure loyalty and long-term customer satisfaction.
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